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As the only locally owned NAID AAA certified shredding company in the Tulsa area, we pride ourselves on document control and security. We are an on-site document shredding company, meaning we shred on your site. We only use locked containers at your facility to ensure the safety of your information. All of our employees are NAID certified and must pass continually background checks, social security traces and other screenings. After the information is destroyed, what happens to your information? We control your documents by baling the material with NAID certified employees and then recycle your material in a NAID approved method. Most will just take your information to a facility with unscreened employees and no controls. It is very difficult for these facilities to be approved by NAID, because most of the facilities also take offer non-controlled recyclables like cardboard, or plastics. These facilities can have just anyone off the street walk in.

Mixed ShreddingIn our secure facility, ready to be baled. Horizontal BalerBaling the paper. Office Pack and White paperThe baled product, wainting for pick up to go to a NAID approved recycler Complete Hard Drive DestructionHard drive destruction in action Hard drive boxingThe hard drive recycle center, after the drives have been destroyed. Hard drives after destructionWaiting to be recycled
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Be aware of different pricing strategies, some companies use per minute pricing. So who is controlling the speed of the person shredding your paper, or even the shredder? Do they charge fees on top of your service? How about a company that goes by weight? Do they have scales on the truck? Or do they have to remove the information from your site to weigh and then shred?

We personally like to be completely upfront with our pricing and charge no additional fees on top of service. We use container pricing, because we feel it is the most accurate way to measure the information and also the most efficient way for the customer. When you have multiple containers, you only pay for the amount of paper in the container after the first console.

NAID is the National Association of Information Destruction; they govern our industry much like OSHA governs the manufacturing industry.

Put one of our locked bins in your office and this problem is easily solved.

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